107 days ago

Moving house? FREE Banana Boxes

Tony from Halswell

We have a house set of banana boxes available for anyone wanting packaging ahead of moving house. Probably 50-60, with a few flatter pineapple boxes, an a few squarer apple boxes. Clean, good condition, sturdy, & ease to stack.

Save yourself multiple trips to the supermarket, like we did collecting these! Feel free to grab now these now to reuse.

Pick up in Templeton.


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14 hours ago

Coronavirus cases highly likely to arrive in NZ , health officials say as they seek extra quarantine powers

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

There is a high chance that the deadly coronavirus will make it to New Zealand, health officials say, but that doesn't mean you should panic.

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley BloomfieldBloomfield said cases in New Zealand of the new outbreak, which has killed 56 people and infected thousands overseas, were likely.

Hospitals ICU units were already stepping up in preparation for the possibility of severely ill people with the virus. This was because while the virus was unlikely to kill anyone in New Zealand, figures out of China show about one-in-five people who were infected became severely ill.

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9 hours ago

Prospa funding helped boost monthly turnover


Sandy Urwin wanted to expand the retail offering within her small business Animal Natural Health Centre.

She considered raising funds by selling a stake to an investor but didn’t want to compromise on quality or her vision for the business. She decided to partner with Prospa to achieve her dreams.

A small business loan helped Sandy increase the variety and volume of stock available for customers – ultimately boosting monthly turnover.
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