43 days ago


Chris from Kaiapoi

i can find the post about the guy who picks up unwanted white wear.... any one know ?

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2 days ago


Sylvia from Kaiapoi

I have a massive recommendation for the KAIAPOI Vet wclinic. Our beloved Mini dog, (tzisu breed) has gone over the rainbow bridge two weeks ago… Maxi our Labrador is finding her loss quite hard and we’re also finding a big hole in our home for such a little dog….. WELL, we received a beautiful card in the post today from the Kaiapoi Vet, (photos attached) ….. this loss certainly leave a big hole in your life once they are gone.
Thank you to our friends, family & Stitchtasticnz clients.
Steve & Sylvia

23 minutes ago

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Stage 2 Villas Available Now

The Sterling, Kaiapoi

Following the very successful release of our Stage One villas late last year, we are delighted to announce the release of our highly anticipated Stage Two villas! ⁠

We are exceptionally proud of what we are building here at The Sterling, Kaiapoi and this is the next step of that very exciting journey.⁠

Book an appointment now on 0508 783754 or hello@thesterling.co.nz to learn more about these stunning new villas.⁠