46 days ago

Free 'Guide to Estate Administration' if you use Kiwilaw to apply for probate

Director / lawyer from Kiwilaw

SuperGold card holders - free 'Guide to Estate Administration - Where There's a Will and a Grant of Probate' - for clients who use Kiwilaw's service to obtain a grant of probate. (Otherwise $49.)
If you prefer the assurance of using the lawyer who holds the will, ask them to use Kiwilaw's new 'Probate for Lawyers' service ($390) to prepare the documents, unless they can do it cheaper themselves. (You will also have to pay for their interview time and other related attendances, but it should still save you $$$ while maintaining the continuity of having their services.) The top 'Read More' link will take you to the page you need to show your lawyer. The bottom 'Read More' link takes you to the page with more information for clients.

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1 day ago

Can you recommend a property lawyer?

Joanne from Swannanoa - Ohoka

Hi lovely neighbours, i am sending this out to see if any one has any recommendations in regards to a good property lawyer in the Rangiora area.....just seeing if anyone has had good results with someone before doing my research into it, many thanks in advance:)

2 days ago

Christchurch is New Zealand's second city, deal with it

Anna Williams Reporter from The Press

There's an enduring belief that Wellington is our second-largest city. We must dispel that myth, reporter Charlie Mitchell says.
Do you think Christchurch should officially be named as New Zealand's second city or should Wellington retain its title?

17 hours ago

Kitty Kingdom Garage Sale

Karen from Rangiora

We are having a Garage Sale to raise some funds
Allsorts, come and have a look
Offers on most stuff
17 Tripoli St Rangiora
Saturday 18th January