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NumberWorks'nWords Silverdale

An oxymoron has the effect of creating an impression, enhancing a concept, and even entertaining the reader. Can you think of another example of an oxymoron?

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Soups and Salads

New Zealand School of Food & Wine

It has been an exciting two weeks for our Foundation students learning some classic dishes. Here are some of their delicious dish photos.

1. Pea and ham soup
2. Waldorf salad made up of potatoes, capers, gherkins and streaky bacon
3. French onion soup
4. Vegetable Lasagne with Béchamel sauce

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Time Change. And maybe your will should too.

Public Trust

You’ve built a life around the things and people that matter most. Updating your will is your opportunity to make sure the people and things you love are looked after when you pass away. It’s easy to update your will with Public Trust and we’ll help you answer important questions like…. Read our latest blog about it at the link below.

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What's On: Brain Play- Online Homeschool Hangouts!

Bayley from Huapai - Kumeu

Calling all homeschoolers! Join us for 4 weeks of science & tech fun online. Thursdays, November 4th-25th, $10.00 sessions. LEGO, coding, AI, animation and more! Sign-up on our website- https://www.brainplay.co.nz/events
Brain Play- Online Homeschool Hangouts!
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