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1 hour ago

I got a message from Jacinda Adearn

Barbara Neighbourly Lead from Raureka

I got a message through Neighbourly from Jacinda Adern. It was addressed to "Dear Barbara". Yes thats me. The message was a question. "What do I love about New Zealand? The only problem was there was no way I could give my answer as there was no reply box at the end of the message. !! So I have to ask how important was my response. If I am asked this question from our Prime Minister I would like the opportunity to answer it so here goes.
I love New Zealand and am proud to be a New Zealander. I have been overseas to the far ends of the earth so to speak and there is nothing like our country or our people as far as I could see. The End
PS. I hope Neighbourly forward my response to Jacinda otherwise she may think I am ignoring her.

6 hours ago

Political crap

Anthony from Napier South

Has anyone else had a message from the spin doctors in the Prime Minister office?

5 hours ago

New Menu Spring Summer

Kim from Trattoria alla Toscana

We have a new and exciting menu celebrating all things local with Italian chef twist.Be sure to check out our new menu on line
We are open Tuesday to Sunday closed on public holidays.
My favourite dessert at present is our Lemoncello Baba.
It's a naughty little dessert however soooo yummy!
Yes we can do Christmas work celebrations, or that after 5 drink and nibble in our lounge area.
Senior Citizen Discount Yes .........we like to celebrate boomers.