85 days ago

Brighton is still Lost in Woolston

Tosh from Woolston

Still no sign of my sweet gentleman
I've been checking the Lostpet.co.nz page every day and Facebook pages i have him listed missing on plus here
It is his first time out since i got him, only had him just over 3mths and was to be an inside only cat due to his F.I.V and living on Ferry rd
I was slowly training him to use a harness to allow him to be outside with me while I was in the garden
I've had 3 reports of him close to where he got out on Ferry rd near Hargood st lights
But heard no more from the flyers i put in the areas that he might be likely to go
It is his first forever home and was at the Cats Protection for 7mths after being captured as a stray from Cashel st Linwood end
I've plastered around my block and surounding areas that he might have been spotted
But sadly still no luck finding him
Any Help would be greatly appreciated

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4 days ago

All Blacks cards

Nicola from Linwood

Hi just wondering if anyone has AllBlack cards from weekbix packs please, am trying to collect for my grandkids, or are there any supermarkets still selling the packs

1 day ago

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15 hours ago


Maree Brogan from Red Cross Shop Woolston

At redcross woolston we have your back to school needs covered.
Drop in and have a look.
M-F 9-5 Sat 10-4 sun 10-3