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Dugald from Woolston

Shrey and Heng from Cambodia are bakers at Bakery and Coffee at 608 Ferry Road, in Christchurch. Someone drove into their shop and wrecked it and now CV19. But they are up and running again. Working long long hours, great food, smiling and gracious.

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Ask an expert: get answers to your DIY questions

Jo Haywood Reporter from Homed

Hey neighbours, have you had a DIY disaster you need to fix or are you keen to tackle some home improvements but don't know where to start? Well, help is at hand.

Send us your questions about your DIY or decorating dilemmas, including photos if you can, and we'll ask an expert for their advice on where to start with your project, any tips and tricks they can share to help you get a great finish - or how you can fix things up if they've already gone wrong! Click here to submit your questions, or email us at homed@stuff.co.nz.

1 day ago

Christchurch recycling in a mess as hundreds of tonnes sent needlessly to landfill

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Christchurch has not managed to get its recycling correct for a single day in the past nine weeks, leaving hundreds of tonnes needlessly being sent to landfill.

Council rubbish collectors have had to dump contaminated residential yellow bin waste every day since May 4, when recycling facility EcoCentral reopened after the coronavirus lockdown.

In that time 635 truckloads of recycling have had to be thrown away – almost half of what has been collected, or about 3175 tonnes. The problem, caused by people throwing non-recyclable waste into their yellow bins, has cost ratepayers about $635,000. Read more here.

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After School Programme places available!

Bev from Woolston

Are you looking for work and need a positive, safe childcare environment? Have you enrolled to study and need care after school? Would your child benefit from extra-curricular activities?
We have over 30 years experience and are Ministry of Social Development approved.
Call 3894448 or email w.dp@xtra.co.nz for further information

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