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My Simple Thing...

Graeme from Opawa - Saint Martins

Mabel, the black Labrador, makes me smile. Each morning we go for a walk and if we’re lucky we see a spectacular sunrise.

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1 day ago

Billions of litres continue to be lost from leaky Christchurch water pipes

The Team Reporter from The Press

Picture your bathtub filled with water. Now picture it in the world’s largest warehouse next to another 82 million water-filled bathtubs.
That is how much water is estimated to have leaked out of Christchurch’s drinking water pipes in the last financial year.

In 2020-21 the city, excluding Banks Peninsula, collectively used 57.1 billion litres of water. From this, the council estimates about 13.1b, or 23 per cent, was lost to leakage.

Pipe renewals have been postponed in recent years due to post-quake work and wellhead repairs in a bid to remove chlorine, the council said.

The new water loss data comes as the Government tries to push on with controversial water infrastructure reforms – which, if they go ahead, would take control of the pipes, reservoirs and other infrastructure away from councils and give it to large independent regional entities.

The council’s water boss, Helen Beaumont, said the council was hitting a point now where different pipe materials, installed at different times, were reaching the end of their usable life. A significant number of pipes would require renewal over a short period, she said.

Read the full story here.

8 days ago

Garapa Decking timber

Kylee from Avonside - Dallington

Morning, I have tried a couple of timber yards and unfortunately they are out of stock. Thought I would try on here and see if anyone had built a deck lately and has Garapa timber offcuts I can buy. Looking for anything from 200mm - 1 meter in length. Cheers Kylee

4 hours ago

Throwback Thursday: Eager fans

The Team Reporter from The Press

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the airport we go.

Crowds at Christchurch International Airport await the
arrival of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The theatrical troupe performed at the Theatre Royal in May 1968.

Trans-Tasman jet flights had been landing at Christchurch for three years at this point, Boeing 737s were replacing Viscounts on domestic services, and the airport terminal had been extended to cater for increasing air traffic.

However, people could still stand on the apron in front of the building to welcome travellers, restrained only by pipe and wire mesh barriers in the pre-terrorist age.