63 days ago

breaching isolation

Mary from Woolston

I can't understand why these idiots that come back to NZ can't do a simple thing like stay in their isolation for two weeks!! we all did it for for weeks.
and now they are all jumping up and down as they don't want to help pay, but in their eyes it's ok to put the rest of NZ at risk. Sorry not good enough maybe they should stay where they are till the virus is over. as we can no longer support them.

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10 days ago

What has your experience with Christchurch City Council been like?

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

In a bid to overturn a scathing approval rating, Christchurch City Council is making moves to create a new residents’ forum.

The council says it wants people to feel they are being listened to and their views are respected. It also wants more people to trust the council’s decision-making process.

In May, the council released its annual residents’ survey, showing just half of the city’s residents were satisfied with the services it provided – down from 62 per cent last year.

Some 23 per cent of respondents were dissatisfied with council's performance and 27 per cent were neutral. It is the lowest result since 2007, when the question was first asked as part of the survey.

How do you feel about the council's performance? And will a new forum help? Give us your thoughts below.

2 hours ago

Mass recall of popular reusable coffee cups

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Reusable coffee cup manufacturer Biopak has issued a recall for some products, due to the possibility of part of the cup detaching when liquid is present.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) issued the recall on September 30, advising people to stop using it immediately as a user could be burnt or scalded.

What you need to know:

- Contact Biopak or ring 0800 246 725 to get a refund on faulty items.

- The products were sold from January 2013 to September 2020

- All resuable coffee cups (8oz, 12oz, 16oz) in plain green or white should be
returned to Biopak.

- Those with custom names “SexieCoffie”, “Columbit”, “Echo”, “Hedland”, “Crop to Cup” or “Home Grain”. Should be returned immediately.

To find out more about this recall, see the government recall website.

2 hours ago

Native plants Artwork of Christchurch

Patricia from Spreydon

Garage sale this Saturday 3rd October, 33 Dominion Avenue, Spreydon (rear section). 9am - 2pm
Native plants (Olearia, Lancewoods, Hebe, fern corms (native to ChCh) $4 each
Original artwork of ChCh buildings (pre '11 quake), watercolours of NZ landscapes, free art magazines tel: Pat 337 0079