23 days ago

STOLEN!! From Richmond Workmen’s Club

Renee from Bromley

Please help me find my 70year old Dad’s Ute that was stolen on Sat 25th September 2021 was driven out driveway of Worker Men’s Club at 8.57pm by two younger guys who were on bikes before they stole our ute. My Dad has everything he owns in this vehicle since losing his wife 4years ago he moved into his car so everything he treasures is in there. Photo’s, important Documents, clothes, shoes, presents brought for him by his children, building work tools, power tools he needs for work😢 “REWARD OFFERED” for recovery of vehicle &/or his belongings. Please Phone Renee on 02108305254. It has dents & missing trim I have posted photos of - 1) Back guard damaged 2) Dents in the back door 3) Front passenger guard dented 4) Missing trim off both side backdoors. Thank you in advance - STILL NOT FOUND 😭


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4 days ago

New Zealanders are locking down their cats, for good

The Team Reporter from The Press

New Zealand is a nation of cat lovers, and increasingly – at least anecdotally – we’re keeping them inside.

Owners say welfare and conservation concerns are the main drivers; experts are cautious not to say too much, and cats are silent on the issue thus far.

What's worse — keeping a cat indoors 24/7, or letting it roam free where it will hunt birds, and possibly be injured?

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41 minutes ago

Sharp TV Remote Control

Graeme from Burwood

Does anyone have a Sharp TV remote control surplus to requirements? I have a friend who needs one but can't afford the cost of a replacement. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

11 hours ago

A tricycle that can buy

Hanaa from Shirley

Hi there,
My daughter has special needs and being advised to cycle every day by the physiotherapist .Unfortunately I can not cycle and she cycles within our area . Some kids they abuse her and make fun of her disability . Two weeks ago , two girls and one boy stopped her and were about to hit her . Luckly there was a police car going around and saved her and really these incidents occured many times . I just wondering if anyone has a tricycle for adults for reasonable price that I can buy to accompany her so I will be able to protect her while cycling.