28 days ago

My Resene Upcycling Award entry

Christine from Addington

I repurposed a large 6ft art piece I painted, it was not selling, "the first image" so i decided to up-cycle it to a new art piece all made from recycling materials and Resene landfill paint plus new Resene Gold Metallic paint which was "Gold Dust Solid Gold" and "Duck Egg Blue" Paint. The white background was a landfill paint I got which was "Zylone Sheen Waterborne Low Sheen White"The flowers are made from melting down plastic bags and shredding them down to a powder, also shredding down cardboard boxes that are also laden with plastic mixed into the cardboard boxes, then placing them in a large barrel, adding in PVA glue, Cornflour, landfill paint and some water, mix thoroughly, then spread out on large glass sheets until nearly dry, then cut and shape, I cut and shaped them into flower petals and glued onto the canvas. I also spread the mixture on the whole canvas to create a textured background and let dry. I then painted it and produced an art piece that seems to have people when they come over saying WOW amazing.

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25 minutes ago

Study participants needed – Men aged 40-50

Zoe from Christchurch Central

A big thanks to those that have responded or taken part already!

I still currently need participants for my PhD study. I am looking for healthy people to come into my office (in Christchurch CBD) for around an hour, on two occasions, to complete some pen and paper activities with me (fun ones according to previous participants!).

Part of what we do, is to recruit healthy participants who match with the patients on age and gender. This is so we can try to rule out any effects differences in these may have on results. So far I haven’t been able to source enough men aged in their 40s to take part.

This is a volunteer opportunity, but you will also receive $50 petrol vouchers as compensation for your time and travel.

If you are interested please email me at the details on the poster (or visit the website listed) rather than commenting here as I will need to send you an information sheet to read over and go through some screening questions


3 hours ago

Addictive Eaters Anonymous

The Team from Addictive Eaters Anonymous - Christchurch

Monthly AEA Worldwide Web events are held on the third Sunday of each month.
For May it is 8.00 am on Sunday 17th.
For newcomers interested in receiving a Zoom invitation for the event, please email aeawebevent@gmail.com.

5 days ago

Throwback Thursday: March past

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

World War II dominated the 1940s. "Our boys" marched through Christchurch before
departing to fight the foe. They were joined by many women who had enlisted in the armed forces to serve in support roles. Here, some of the 549 members of the Women's Service Auxiliary march in a street parade. It is April, 1941. Germany has inflicted a series of defeats
on Allied forces in Europe and Japan is preparing for war in the Pacific. Such parades
boosted patriotism, which helped the military recruitment drive and the raising of money for
the war effort through bonds schemes.