72 days ago

Bikes for sale?

Elnaz from Sydenham

Anyone looking to get rid of their bike? Three of us in our flat are looking to start biking around more as it's getting warmer :) Adult or youth bikes (I'm 20 but tiny!)

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3 days ago

Love Food Hate Waste: Bread Pyramid

Media Team from Christchurch City Council

A friendly reminder that construction of the bread pyramid starts tomorrow morning, come along from 6am to see the formation of this ‘carby’ structure and walk away with helpful advice on how to save your bread.

Also for your chance to pick up the unused bread loaves from the event, please follow this link for the pick-up locations: bit.ly...

2 days ago

Please help to identify the person.

Eddie from Woolston

My backpack was stolen on Sunday afternoon from a chair by the pool in Pioneer Stadium, and my credit card inside was used by the person in the attached photos to make 6 purchases at 4 petrol stations, Mobil Sydenham, Z in Brougham St, BP 2Go Bromley, and BP Connect in Dallington. The $46 purchase on the photo was made by her. The $108 was made by another person before she approached the counter, not with my credit card. The purchases were made possible by PayWave.

If you know her personally, please ask her to contact the police and return my stuff.

Thank you very much indeed for your time.