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Easy Gardening and Well Worth the Effort

Michele from Avonhead

For the record, the SPRING ONIONS which were planted out in January have grown huge and have flourished all over winter so that we have been eating them continuously.

They are now flowering but still have plenty of good leaves to harvest. So this HERB is certainly a great choice and a useful addition to many cooked meals and to salads. They are always on hand and always fresh.

They grow very slowly and I find that I can buy a pot of them for around $5 with over 100 plants so I don't tend to grow from seed any more. A good rule of thumb is to keep them well fed.

For more regular advice on HERBS and how to manage them in your garden and how to use them join the Canterbury HERB Society, only $15 per year. Meets every 4th Thursday of the month 395 Memorial Ave, Burnside/Avonhead.
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Golden Homes - Built for Life!

Golden Homes

One of the biggest mistakes buyers can make, is to assume that all builders build the same.

Price is important - however so is the quality, the contract, and the inclusions.
Ask questions that look beyond price alone. Examine how the house is actually constructed; what are the bones of the house, what's behind the walls, and what quality of products are being used.

At Golden Homes we provide quotes that work with your budget and your wish list.

We have fixed price contracts - No PC sums or hidden costs.
Remember, your home is likely to be your biggest asset.
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Get cybersmart and protect your business

Digital Boost

Hi Neighbour,

We’re all pretty well-versed in securing our homes when we head out the door to work, the shops, or a walk around the block. Locking the doors and setting the house alarm is second nature to many of us. But sometimes we aren’t quite so cautious when it comes to our online security, which protects many of our personal and business assets.

Although no one is immune - don't waste another minute worrying that your business might become a target. Instead, get clued up on a few easy steps you can take to keep yourself and your business safe.

Why not give your business a cyber security risk assessment or ensure you have secured your website - it’s simple and we can help.

Digital Boost is here to guide you through protecting yourself online - doing so may save you a lot of time and stress in the future. We've got simple-to-follow videos on everything from software updates to password authentication and phishing.

Safeguarding your business is time well spent, so arm yourself with the knowledge today!

The team at Digital Boost

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New Zealanders are locking down their cats, for good

The Team Reporter from The Press

New Zealand is a nation of cat lovers, and increasingly – at least anecdotally – we’re keeping them inside.

Owners say welfare and conservation concerns are the main drivers; experts are cautious not to say too much, and cats are silent on the issue thus far.

What's worse — keeping a cat indoors 24/7, or letting it roam free where it will hunt birds, and possibly be injured?

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