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Gorgeous dress on offer

Sue McManus from Red Cross Shop Church Corner

Don’t miss out on this dress and cardi combo. Pop in store today

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Help build a stronger, safer Aotearoa

Fire & Emergency NZ

Do you have strong links into your community? Can you represent a wide range of people? We want to hear from you.

We’re looking for people for our new Local Advisory Committees, who can offer insight into what matters to your community.

Nominate yourself or someone you know today.
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1 day ago

Avonhead Water quality and taste

Emma Luisa from Russley

Hi everyone,
Is your water tastes the same before chlorination? Our water from our tap tastes almost unbearable. It never tastes the same after chlorination introduced. Do you notice the difference? Or its just ours. Can I please hear your thoughts about your tap water?
Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks

9 hours ago

Beginners Tai Chi Class

Sandy from Aidanfield

Beginners Tai Chi Classes of Blue Sky Qigong Studio
Starting 29 Jan 2020, Wed, 7-8:45 pm

Guided by experienced Chinese teacher, Sandy Jiang, an accredited provider of the Strength and Balance Programme

Welcome to attend the class and try the gentle flowing movement next week. Your first visit is free.
If you enjoy the class, then pay from the following week.
Please read the attached healing stories from Sandy’s students.

Venue: 19 Templetons Road, Aidanfield/Hillmorton

Tai Chi is an internal martial art, which means using internal Qi (energy) to perform the movement. Therefore Tai Chi is Qigong (exercise with energy), and also martial art.

Tai Chi promotes centering and harmony – a blending of the inner and outer, the mind and body, feminine and masculine.

Regular practice creates more strength, flexibility, balance, grace, will power, energy, serenity and well-being.

The class is broken up with Qigong theory and sort meditation.

When: school term
Wed. Class 7-8:45 pm
Class fee:$17 casual or $165 for term (11 weeks a term)
Tai Chi DVD: $35
Total: $200

Booking essential
Contact your Tai Chi teacher, Sandy (sandyjsky@gmail.com or 2601256) to secure a spot.

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