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Anti-Stress Facial

Aneta from SkinEffect Beauty Therapist Aneta

Glass balls I used in the whole body massage, combined back massage and facial . My most popular treatment Anti-Stress Facial💆🏻‍♀️ the glass balls are great for face and neckline, improving skin firmness and eliminating swelling in the face.

The SkinEffect Treatment offers massage with glass balls, accelerating the distribution of fluid in the body and the excretion of toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system.

Glass balls have an extremely smooth surface, which provides a gentle and pleasant massage at the level of shallowly located absorbent vessels. The fluid they are filled with performs a cooling role, supporting drainage.

The balls facilitate the implementation of delicate pushing, pressing, squeezing and pumping techniques.
Such massage effectively supports the fight against cellulite, slimming, and removing unnecessary waste products. It eliminates edema, improves the transport of water and mineral salts to cells and stimulates immune processes.

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Challenge the unspoken rules

White Ribbon

A challenge facing too many young men is the sense that they have to live up to the unspoken rules of masculinity – clichés such as “boys don’t cry” and “toughen up”.

White Ribbon encourages everyone to challenge the unspoken rules, so we can let boys and young men enjoy their individuality and define themselves as men who have respectful relationships with themselves and their partners – creating happier, healthier communities for us all.
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Poll: Christmas Lights

NumberWorks'nWords Burnside

It's that time of year again. Which lights does your household prefer?

Christmas Lights
  • 44.5% White
    44.5% Complete
  • 55.5% Colour
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Wanted item

Luke from Hornby

Hi. If anyone has one of these items, known as a bumble ball, usually a child's toy or a pet toy, I would be interested in buying it. I would be using it for my Christmas light show as it is the framework for my firework light.
It would need to be similar to the same as the one pictured, it does not need to work or have all the rubber legs in place, it just needs to twist together properly