65 days ago

Looking for a handyman

Aneta from Avonhead

Hello everyone:) I am looking for a handymen Apsley Drive avonhead.Needs help making a wooden frame for my sign.

I had a string attached but they break off
all the time so I just removed my sign for now.:(

Any ideas are welcome.

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4 days ago


Linda Turner from Hornby Community Care Centre

OP Shop $1.00 Sale starts this Monday 21st October, 9.30am. Too much stock means great bargains for you. Everything $1.00 or less. More stock added daily. All proceeds stay in your Hornby community.

10 hours ago

Anti-Stress Facial

Aneta from SkinEffect Beauty Therapist Aneta

Glass balls I used in the whole body massage, combined back massage and facial . My most popular treatment Anti-Stress Facial💆🏻‍♀️ the glass balls are great for face and neckline, improving skin firmness and eliminating swelling in the face.

The SkinEffect Treatment offers massage with glass balls, accelerating the distribution of fluid in the body and the excretion of toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system.

Glass balls have an extremely smooth surface, which provides a gentle and pleasant massage at the level of shallowly located absorbent vessels. The fluid they are filled with performs a cooling role, supporting drainage.

The balls facilitate the implementation of delicate pushing, pressing, squeezing and pumping techniques.
Such massage effectively supports the fight against cellulite, slimming, and removing unnecessary waste products. It eliminates edema, improves the transport of water and mineral salts to cells and stimulates immune processes.

17 hours ago

Making a tough time easier

Simplicity Funerals

Simplicity Funerals Christchurch believe that things should be as simple as possible for you at what can be a difficult time. Traditional or contemporary… a funeral should be meaningful, respectful, and also affordable.

We can cater to all price ranges and offer individual pricing plans to suit everyone. We offer a full range of funeral services, from large gatherings in your local to church to intimate and private farewells. No matter your budget, the level of care, compassion and professionalism we offer is never compromised.

Call us any time on (03) 379 0196 or visit our website for more information.
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