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Magic Fire Colourful Flames Sachets for Bonfires Pyrotechnics Magic Trick Camping Outdoors Fun

David from Wigram

If you are looking for some FUN when out camping, then add this to your evening camp fire and add to the MAGIC of the night!

Mystify and spook your friends by sneaking a sachet into your camp fire.


1. The powerful artifact colour flame powder is a festival thing that can make the color of the flame color into a festival.

2. It is suitable for a campfire in the field, the fire of the fireplace and so on. The principle of the product makes the flame colourful by adding different elements.

3. Every time you put 1 bags of product into the fire, you can see the flame turned into a colourful display, including dark or bright blue, purple, red, green, yellow and other colors.

4. It can be used in indoor and outdoor fire burning wood and other fuels. According to the size of the flame, the duration of the flame is about ten to dozens of minutes.

5. Roasting food in a colour flame is not allowed.

DO NOT OPEN PACKAGE. Throw whole package into the fire.

Material: Metal
Weight: 25g sachet

1 x 25g sachet

Price: $10

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Prospa National Winner - Bossman Dairy - Creagh St Store!


Jazz and his family are proud to be serving their customers and the local community!

Jazz loves being a Kiwi and greets every customer into his shop with a broad grin. A friendly smile, a positive can-do attitude and is passionate about running his store. That’s Jazz's simple but effective recipe for success running a local business.

Jazz and his family operate Bossman Dairy - Creagh St Store and are hailed as the “ultimate friendly shopkeepers” by his customers. Now Jazz has been recognised for his dedication to the community by being named the country’s National Winner in the Prospa Local Business Hero Awards. Jazz and his family are the proud winners of a prize package worth $10,000!

Nomination Quote - Jazz and his family - Bossman Dairy - Creagh St Store
"Every member of this family who serves in the shop are very friendly, helpful and always smiling. They get to know all their customers and I have never walked into a shop that makes you feel so welcome. During our first lockdown for Covid, they put food such as milk, bread, out for people who may need it free of charge."

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One of Canterbury's oldest wineries started in a garage

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Hey neighbours, did you know...

Ivan Donaldson​ first planted a small vineyard in Canterbury soil in the seventies as a hobby.

The vineyard was one of the first ones to be planted in the region and quickly turned into a love of wine for the former neurologist, who sought to pursue winemaking as a full-time career.

This year, the family celebrates three decades since Ivan first released a Pegasus Bay vintage from his garage, with the responsibility now resting on eldest son and winemaker Mat Donaldson​, who has since produced the next 27 of the family’s 29 vintage wines.

The winery now exports to more than 25 countries.