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Things that surprise Kiwis returning to NZ

Lorna Thornber Reporter from Stuff Travel

Hi everyone,
I'm working on a travel story for Stuff about the things that have surprised returning Kiwis about New Zealand. If you have recently returned from overseas or know someone who has, it would be great to hear about the things that have stood out for you, for better or for worse. Whether it's to do with the weather, the cost of things, the public transport, the food, the housing, the people or something else entirely, we'd be keen to hear about it. Please remember that your comment may be included in the article, unless you say you don't want it to be. Thank you.

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Council to install smart water meters ahead of next year's excess use charge

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

New smart ultrasonic water meters will be installed in about 1200 east Christchurch homes over the next six months.

The meters can send information about water use back to the council directly, which means staff will no longer need to visit a home to get a reading.

The new meters, which the council intends to eventually install across the city, also collect more data about water use and can provide readings over the course of the day.

The first installations in east Christchurch come as the city approaches its last summer before the introduction of an excess water use charge.

From July 2022, households using more than an average of 700 litres of water a day over a three-month period will be stung by the new charge. The average Christchurch household uses 540 litres per day. Continue reading here.

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80-year-old retail veteran yet to face a dull day after 64 years in the industry

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Happy Tuesday neighbours,

When 80-year-old Barry Souter landed his first job in a clothing store 64 years ago, the retail industry looked a lot different.

Customers were not able to browse the shelves but had to ask for clothes to be brought out from behind the counter. When a sale was made, Souter had to handwrite the sale docket. And stock-taking was very much a manual task.

But through all the changes, Souter has never stopped having fun. “It’s the people that make it. Human interaction is what keeps us all going.”

Souter’s first job was at Hallensteins in Dunedin when he was 16, and he worked for Munns in Christchurch for a long time before opening his own business in Bishopdale nearly a decade ago.

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Kathleen from Upper Riccarton

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