49 days ago

Update on my vaccine pass - how to access without ID or email

The Team from Citizens Advice Christchurch Area

We were lucky enough to be able to talk to a MoH representative who gave us some updates on the vaccine pass and how to access it if you do not have a unique email address or the specified ID ...
1. Call the 0800 number - you do not need ID, just your dob and name ( having your NHI is useful) . They can send the certificate by email or post. They are hoping to extend the hours that the number is operational .Currently there is about a 20 min wait time on average .
2. Go to a local pharmacy if it is an advertised Covid vaccination site - again they can email or post the certificate .
You can go in on behalf of someone if you have their details .

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14 days ago

Belfast hedge hacker at it again

Kate from Belfast

Saw about 5 hedges down the Main North Road yesterday completely hacked into, with the foliage all over the pavement.
Corner of Belfast Road looks the worst. Feel sorry for those who take pride in maintaining their front gardens just for someone to come along and completely ruin it!

1 day ago


Sylvia from Kaiapoi

Hi there my friend has gone into care she has Alzheimer’s. I have heaps of patchwork fabrics knitting wall and other sewing bric-a-brac. I plan on being at the market tomorrow weather being fine, come down and have a look at the fabrics are priced at $1…$2…$5… the money goes back to her Resthome for spending on her please come down and have a look and help me out there’s so many…

1 day ago


Sylvia from Kaiapoi

I have a massive recommendation for the KAIAPOI Vet wclinic. Our beloved Mini dog, (tzisu breed) has gone over the rainbow bridge two weeks ago… Maxi our Labrador is finding her loss quite hard and we’re also finding a big hole in our home for such a little dog….. WELL, we received a beautiful card in the post today from the Kaiapoi Vet, (photos attached) ….. this loss certainly leave a big hole in your life once they are gone.
Thank you to our friends, family & Stitchtasticnz clients.
Steve & Sylvia