64 days ago

Tell us about your favourite places in the South Island

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

We need your help for a series we'll be publishing this summer. Tell us about the best things you can find in the South Island - ie the best place to walk your dog, best playground for kids, best place to stop for a swim, best toilets, best icecream/milkshake, or the best place to stop for lunch.

Share your favourite South Island spots and activities by commenting below (and tell us why you love them), or you can send us a PM or email reporters@press.co.nz

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3 days ago

Yoga or Pilates classes anywhere?

Rosie from Redwood

Hi neighbours, does anybody have any info or recommendations for yoga classes on the north west side of town please? Many thanks 😊

3 hours ago

Workshop Schedule for Health & Wellbeing Expo - Tomorrow - Heaton Intemediate

Brenda from Northwood

11.15 – 11.45am Pere Devon, Mirimiri Healer and Massage, Energy Healing – Pere will be opening the floor to you to answer your questions about “What is Mirimiri and how do Mirimiri clearings/healings work etc? An amazing chance to learn more from our very popular Mirimiri Healer.

12 – 12.30pm Janet Arthur, “Angel Speak” Experienced Clairvoyant, Teacher and Healer. Janet will give ‘A Demonstration of Clairvoyance in Action’. Do you want to see how a clairvoyant works? Maybe you will receive a message. Come along and get some answers.

12.50 to 1.20pm Joanne Garron and Kirsty Rossiter “It Works” will talk to you about the hottest product the new Thermofight X, clinically proven for weightloss. Lose up to 15 kgs in 90 days all natural and plant supplement. It Works has partnered up with Dr Paul Nassif from botched beauty a celebrity collaboration with new premium targeted skincare. Try the new neck firming treatment. The Keto Coffee and the other amazing It Works products and the benefits for your health and wellbeing. Pop along and try a sample of Keto Coffee!

1.30 – 2.00pm Annie Jury & Brenda Bergin Oxidative stress is the root cause of most illnesses and diseases. Come and learn about Nrf2 Activation to reduce your Oxidative stress and get back on the road to wellness. This vegan product will kick start your body into making it's own 'antioxidants'. It’s scientifically proven to reduce Oxidative stress by 40% in the first 30 days and up to 70% in 90 days. We will also introduce 'Nrf1' which works on the bodies 'mitochondria' for energy production.

3 hours ago

Hornby Tecorian Speakers

Chris from Papanui

We are a friendly little group of people looking for new Club Members.
Tecorians are a group that meets fortnightly and encourages members to speak in front of others. We build confidence, learn about language ,the meaning of words and read as well as write our own speeches.We enjoy listening to others give speeches and teach you to think on your feet with Impromptu sessions.We have a variety of types of speeches eg Humerous,factual, poetic and interact with other clubs several times a year,
If this sounds like you, please come along, no pressure.
Ring 021 395587 Rosemary
021 2045686 Pauline
021 607821 Genny