218 days ago

Cheap haircuts back again :)

Northgate Community Service Trust

Cheap haircuts are next week on Friday 27th July! First in, first served in between 9:15am - 11:45am. Only $10 for a trim, or $15 for a change in style - what a bargain! No need to make a booking, just turn up :)

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7 days ago

Environment Canterbury's 8.9 per cent total rates rise in draft plan

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

It's not as "grim" as it sounds, Environment Canterbury (ECan) says about its proposed 8.9 per cent total rates rise for the 2019-20 year.

On Thursday afternoon the ECan council approved its draft annual plan, which, after consultation and changes, has to be adopted by July 1.

If the proposed rise goes ahead unchanged, that will amount to another $25 a year on the rates bill for the owners of a $570,000 property in Christchurch, an extra $152 a year on a $5.1 million rural property in the Waimakariri district and about $13 a year on a $250,000 house in Waimate.


2 days ago


Larry from Parklands - Marshlands

I'm a little bit over not being able to open doors in the evenings or even go into the shaded garden during the day because of darn mosquitos!
The CCC won't do anything about them but perhaps if we all do one simple thing it may help. Please check all around your properties for water sitting in containers like flower pots, old tyres behind the shed etc or anything that will hold water. If you have anything like that with water in it, if you look closely you will possibly see little wrigley larvae in the water. Please empty it out! Also, for any of your neighbours not on Neighbourly, perhaps mention it to them next time you are chinwagging over the fence!
Many thanks!

16 hours ago

Over 100 events to celebrate tamariki

The Team from Children's Day

Next Sunday 3 March is Children's Day! A time to celebrate the tamariki of New Zealand and put them first. There are lots of family-friendly events on all over Aotearoa to mark the day. Check out what's on in your neighbourhood at www.childrensday.org.nz...