33 days ago

Cheap Haircuts this week, and new Men's Exercise!

Karen Watson from Northgate Community Service Trust

Cheap haircuts are on this Friday from 9:30am - 11:30am! Only $10 and first in, first served! 😊

We also have introduced a Men's exercise group at 10:45am on Feel Good Fridays, only $3 for an hour!

We would love to see you come along!

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4 days ago

Kenwood Chef for sale

Ray from Avonhead

As per photo this appliance is in good working order
Comes with instruction book and fittings as shown
About 15-20 years old, although not used in last 6 years by my late wife
Must be collected from Avonhead
First in with $135 and it’s yours

1 day ago

Christchurch Water Tested pH 6.2 this morning

Max from Papanui

Drinking water below pH 7.3 is dangerous to our heath. 6.2 is far enough into the acidic zone that it is directly known to causing cancers in people and other animals. It is appalling that Christchurch City water is now so poorly managed they are directly contributing to and causing the development of cancer in the population across the city. To believe our so called Health services demand this level of toxic poisoning of the population is to call into question their use of the word 'Health' being allowed to be used in their services. There should be a prosecution commenced against them, their staff titles and their organisations for using the word as this is fraudulent and deceptive beyond belief. We require our water constantly maintained as alkaline and it must immediately be allowed to return to HEALTHY as apposed to the carcinogenic muck they are currently delivering to our taps.

8 hours ago

Happy Hens

Leisa from Bishopdale

Hi there I collect Happy Hens and was wondering if anyone had some for sale
Thanking you kindly