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Closing this page...

Northgate Community Service Trust

We will be closing this Neighbourly page on the 10th July (one week away!) but never fear! You can follow our new Northgate Community Services Trust Neighbourly page by clicking on the attached link (www.neighbourly.co.nz...) and hitting "Follow". We look forward to sharing all our upcoming events and activities with you!


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27 days ago

Learning to have fun on two wheels as middle age looms

Anna Williams Reporter from The Press

OPINION: Johnny Moore says if the smiles from ear to ear are anything to go by then the electric scooter trial is a success. The "grumpy old men" need to stop grizzling and remember what having fun is like.


15 minutes ago

Water saving tips

The Team from Christchurch City Council

To help everyone reduce water use this summer, we’ve got some simple conservation tips.

Our first (and one of the biggest ways you can help!) is to ditch the sprinkler and use a hand-held hose to water your garden instead.

Watering after 9pm or before 7am also gives your plants the best chance to retain moisture.

Find out more bit.ly...


43 minutes ago

Poll: Should a regional rate be used to cover Christchurch stadium operating costs?

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Mayors from across Canterbury are prepared to discuss a rates contribution towards the operating costs of Christchurch's in-development stadium.

But they have "a raft of quite meaty" questions over how it would be governed and how the contributions would be divided between regions.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below (please write NFP if you don't want your comments published).

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Should a regional rate be used to cover Christchurch stadium operating costs?
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