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Northgate Community Service Trust

We will be closing this Neighbourly page on the 10th July (one week away!) but never fear! You can follow our new Northgate Community Services Trust Neighbourly page by clicking on the attached link (www.neighbourly.co.nz...) and hitting "Follow". We look forward to sharing all our upcoming events and activities with you!


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35 minutes ago

Kiwi coffin club Christchurch burglary

Community Development Worker from Bishopdale Community Trust

Help the Kiwi Coffin Club on Kendal Avenue, which provides free angel boxes for still birth and cot death babies. 🧡👼

They need to secure their container after it was broken into a few weeks ago. Follow the link for more details.


5 hours ago

Thousands embrace at Christchurch vigil to show solidarity after mosque terror attacks

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Aroha and solidarity rang out loud and clear across Christchurch's Hagley Park as tens of thousands attended a vigil to remember those killed in the mosque massacres.

People, sitting on picnic blankets and on chairs, turned to strangers and embraced, others wiped their partners tears and women wore headscarves to show their solidarity.

Speakers stood on a stage meant for the Bryan Adams concert cancelled a week earlier, and in front of them a sea of people sat in absolute silence as the names of the 50 killed were read out by the Linwood mosque Imam Ibrahim Abdul Halim.


17 hours ago


Gus from Bryndwr

Be careful, couple of guys are trying to break into the car. Lock your cars. Just happened 11.00 pm. Sevenoaks drive