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Closing this page...

Northgate Community Service Trust

We will be closing this Neighbourly page on the 10th July (one week away!) but never fear! You can follow our new Northgate Community Services Trust Neighbourly page by clicking on the attached link (www.neighbourly.co.nz...) and hitting "Follow". We look forward to sharing all our upcoming events and activities with you!


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5 days ago

NZ Competing in Jet Boat Racing in Canada this week 5 NZ participants

Kay from Papanui

Exciting to watch if your interested in this motor sport which I am. My nephew Nigel Cromie with navigator Bruce Alexander in boat 249 is racing, after first day 2nd place by 15 seconds. Racing in unlimited class 150mph+ takes nerves of steel, practice, and experience. 5 NZ boats competing in various locations in Canada. It takes a huge team effort to make all this possible. They have a Facebook page 2019 World Jet Boat Marathon updated daily with awesome videos. Instagram to follow them is Bruce_m_alexander or nzjbbra_official on Instagram . Bruce and Nigel have funny videos to watch well worth a 😆 laugh on a winter Christchurch day.

8 days ago

Bird feed

Rachna from Strowan

Any avid bird watchers in the group who can advise why birds are not feeding on this. I have attached a picture.

1 day ago

Aerial image shows the aftermath of the Christchurch explosion

Sarah Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

An aerial image shows the extent of the damage after a huge explosion in Christchurch.
📷: John Kirk-Anderson/ Stuff

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