32 days ago

Cheap haircuts at Feel Good Friday!

Karen Watson from Northgate Community Service Trust

Cheap haircuts are back next week, Friday 31 August! Come down to Northcity Church between 9:15am - 11:45am for a $10 trim or $15 change in style. First in, first served so get in quick! The cafe will be open if there is a little wait :)

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1 hour ago

Day of Decision Event

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

Change only comes when you DECIDE you’ve had enough and take action.

It’s your decision to stay as you are — or to do something different, attend this event, and apply what you learn and change your life.

On Sunday, 14th October at 10am, a generous amount of holy oil, blended with olive oil from the Holy Land will be given FREE OF CHARGE to everyone who attends.

This oil will serve as a point of contact, a tangible way for you to use your faith and connect with God.

We challenge you to come with your problems and see for yourself what God can do in your life.
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1 hour ago

Open Days at Alpine View

Alpine View Lifestyle Village

Alpine View recognises that ‘lifestyle is one of our most important medicines’.

TRILife is Alpine’s Wellness Programme – specifically designed to help residents to not only survive but also thrive!! We have produced a book detailing the key elements of the programme, with focus on nutrition, exercise and state of mind (in an individualised and personalised way).

Come along to one of our upcoming Open Days to enjoy a tour of our village and receive your complimentary copy of the TRILife Wellness Programme book – a practical guide to adding more years to your life, and life to your years.

Contact us via:
Phone: 03 383 1333
Email: reception@alpineview.co.nz
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6 days ago

Poll: What should the collective noun be for people from Christchurch?

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Australia has its Sydneysiders, Melburnians and Brisbanians, while New Zealand has Aucklanders, Wellingtonians and Dunedinites.

But where does that leave Christchurch?

There is no collective term for residents of the Garden City and although Cantabrian is commonly used, it could equally apply to people living in Waimate or Omarama – more than 200 kilometres away.

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What should the collective noun be for people from Christchurch?
  • 28.7% Christchurchians
    28.7% Complete
  • 7.9% Christchurchites
    7.9% Complete
  • 36.3% Christchurchers
    36.3% Complete
  • 5.6% Christies
    5.6% Complete
  • 21.5% Something else (share your idea in the comments)
    21.5% Complete
303 votes