198 days ago

Have you heard of our community survey?

Northgate Community Service Trust

We at Northgate, in conjuction with the Papanui Baptist Freedom Trust are undertaking a survey to find out what local people identify as the strengths and challenges facing the community located in Papanui and the surrounding neighbourhoods. Now is your chance to have a say!

Everyone who completes a survey by tomorrow also has the opportunity to join a prize draw for a $100 Countdown voucher!


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15 days ago

Boy racers given the green light

Anna Williams Reporter from The Press

Christchurch authorities have come up with a plan to stop boy racers revving engines and racing off the line: Don't let them hit red lights.

Council will trial phasing the traffic lights on Bealey Ave so traffic gets a clear run down the length of the street, to reduce noise from things like stopping and accelerating, revving and burn-outs.

Do you think this will stop boy racers from revving loudly? Tell us in the comments below (please write NFP if you don't want your comments published).


3 days ago

Summer Solstice

John from Bryndwr

Summer Solstice is on Saturday, 22 December.
Will there be any Pagans in any of the neighbourhoods celebrating this important event?

4 days ago

What do you think should be done with the former Lancaster Park site?

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Two Christchurch sports clubs have set their sights on using Lancaster Park if the city council decides to retain the land for sports use.

The demolition of the earthquake-damaged Lancaster Park will be completed during 2019 and the Christchurch City Council will decide on Thursday whether to redevelop it for sporting purposes.

The council says several sports clubs are interested in the park, and Cashmere Technical Football Club and Lancaster Park Cricket Club have made formal requests to use the land.