149 days ago

Cheap Haircuts this week, and new Men's Exercise!

Northgate Community Service Trust

Cheap haircuts are on this Friday from 9:30am - 11:30am! Only $10 and first in, first served! 😊

We also have introduced a Men's exercise group at 10:45am on Feel Good Fridays, only $3 for an hour!

We would love to see you come along!

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1 day ago

Would you choose an electric scooter over the bus or a car?

Georgia Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Have you always wanted to scooter to work? Now is your chance!

About 400 electric scooters (e-scooters) have been launched in Christchurch by California-based company Lime. The scooters can travel at speeds of up to 27kmh and have a maximum range of 48km. But not everyone is impressed, with some calling labeling the scooters as a "menace on footpaths". To read more about them, click here.

What are your thoughts on them? Will you give them a go? Will it be cheaper for you to scooter to work rather than drive and pay for parking? Or do you think they're a hazard for pedestrians? Share you thoughts with us in the replies below!

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23 days ago

Nationalising of our drinking water

Fiona from Burnside

Hi there fellow Christchurchites/Cantabrians. I don't know about you but I am very concerned about the legislation in parliament at the moment to nationalise our drinking water. My understanding of this is that our water will be managed at national level, not at a local level like it is at the moment with the council managing it. Also there is a organisation called Water NZ who want to chlorinate all the drinking water in NZ including Canterbury's beautiful artesian water. For goodness sake a Chinese company is stealing millions of litres of our water here in Christchurch every day! And yet there is a call to permanently chlorinate our water. I know Christchurch people are fierce about our beautiful water. I know some areas are still chlorinated but this was only a temporary measure. Not a popular one though! But this people ... this will be permanent. I'm not sure when we will know the outcome of this legislation being passed. Someone out there might know how the whole political process works.
As a collective of people in this great city we need to come together and oppose this. I think we need to come up with a plan to make our feelings known to our local MPs, ask the CCC what they are doing to oppose this plan and whatever other ideas you have, maybe a petition? I think a city-wide rally would be great too. So I'm putting it out there. I am happy to meet with a motivate bunch of people to make this known to everyone who lives in Christchurch and surrounding areas and to start making some serious noise about our concerns. Let's put our collective heads together.
I don't want this to become a moaning session. I want this to be a productive online chat about where to next and suggestions of timing of things.

12 hours ago

Poll: At what age was your child fully toilet trained?

Jacques Steenkamp Reporter from Sunday Star Times

Schools and health boards are noticing some children starting school are struggling to fit in because they aren't toilet trained yet. Has this been a problem for your family or anyone you know? Why do you think this is an issue?

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At what age was your child fully toilet trained?
  • 67.2% Before they were 3?
    67.2% Complete
  • 29.4% Between 3 and 5?
    29.4% Complete
  • 2% It still hadn't happened when they started school.
    2% Complete
  • 1.5% Other - please comment below
    1.5% Complete
551 votes