405 days ago

Feel Good Friday is on holiday!

Northgate Community Service Trust

Just a reminder it is now the school holidays, so Feel Good Friday won't be running this week or next week.

The next Feel Good Friday will be on the 4th May - we will also be having cheap haircuts on this date so come on down for that!

Have a great break :)

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3 days ago

Reasonable car service

Prachi from St Albans

Hi Neighbors!
Could you please recommend a good car service place for a Volkswagen? Just the usual annual service that won't break the bank :)
Thanks heaps! Have a wonderful weekend!

5 days ago

Could you see and/or smell the smoke that wafted over Christchurch on Tuesday?

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

A Christchurch garden centre has apologised for a burnoff​ that caused a thick blanket of smoke to cover the city.

Oderings Garden Centre on Philpotts Rd, Mairehau, confirmed the smoke was coming from a controlled burnoff on its land.

The haze of smoke was first seen in central Christchurch just before 10am on Tuesday. It was still there at 11.30am.

Oderings marketing manager Pamela Smith said the company had thought it was allowed to burn organic plant material on its site.

"We can only hope that the people of Christchurch can accept our sincere apologies and understand that this was a genuine misunderstanding on our behalf," she said.


3 days ago

Wanted Kitten or Young Cat preferably female & longhaired

Deborah from Bishopdale

We have not had a cat for 10 years because we have been travelling. Now we are "settling down" and would love another moggy to love and share our house and garden.

Please phone Deborah on 359 3478 or email debwnz@gmail.com