125 days ago

Feel Good Friday is on holiday!

Karen Watson from Northgate Community Service Trust

Just a reminder it is now the school holidays, so Feel Good Friday won't be running this week or next week.

The next Feel Good Friday will be on the 4th May - we will also be having cheap haircuts on this date so come on down for that!

Have a great break :)

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5 days ago

Council seeks feedback on extending slow speed zone

The Team from Christchurch City Council

We’re proposing to extend the central city’s 30km/h slow speed zones – and make short sections of Oxford Terrace and Antigua Street near the Hospital 10km/h.
Consultation opens today, so have your say!
For more information, check out our Newsline story: bit.ly...


11 days ago

Poll: Would you agree to stop watering your garden if it meant chlorine-free drinking water?

Neighbourly from Neighbourly.co.nz

Christchurch residents have been given a stark choice – cut your water use or put up with chlorinated water for longer. The city council has finalised its plans to upgrade 72 of the city's wells. When that work is completed it will mean about two-thirds of the city's water supply will be unchlorinated.

However, the timing of the works will depend on the availability of drilling machines and specialist contractors. It is also constrained by the number of wells that can be taken out of service, especially over the summer months when there is a high demand for water.

Unless people are willing to cut back on their water use, they won't be able to do much work over summer. The council may also have to resume using the below ground well heads we've shut off, which means water from those pump stations will have to be chlorinated.

Read more here

Would you agree to stop watering your garden if it meant chlorine-free drinking water?
  • 60.3% Yes
    60.3% Complete
  • 34.2% No
    34.2% Complete
  • 5.4% Other (comment below)
    5.4% Complete
1324 votes
4 days ago


Pip from Bryndwr

It is with a happy heart - Russell is home after 18 days of being lost