143 days ago

Cheap Haircuts - price change!

Karen Watson from Northgate Community Service Trust

Cheap haircuts have had a price change! After Easter, these will go up just a little - trims will now be $10 and a change of style $15. Still a great deal!
Camille will be here on the 4th May and 25th May so get these dates into your diary!

Also please note there will be NO Feel Good Friday tomorrow, but we instead will be having a Good Friday service that you are welcome to attend. This begins at 9:30am.

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11 days ago

Poll: Would you agree to stop watering your garden if it meant chlorine-free drinking water?

Neighbourly from Neighbourly.co.nz

Christchurch residents have been given a stark choice – cut your water use or put up with chlorinated water for longer. The city council has finalised its plans to upgrade 72 of the city's wells. When that work is completed it will mean about two-thirds of the city's water supply will be unchlorinated.

However, the timing of the works will depend on the availability of drilling machines and specialist contractors. It is also constrained by the number of wells that can be taken out of service, especially over the summer months when there is a high demand for water.

Unless people are willing to cut back on their water use, they won't be able to do much work over summer. The council may also have to resume using the below ground well heads we've shut off, which means water from those pump stations will have to be chlorinated.

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Would you agree to stop watering your garden if it meant chlorine-free drinking water?
  • 60.4% Yes
    60.4% Complete
  • 34.1% No
    34.1% Complete
  • 5.5% Other (comment below)
    5.5% Complete
1308 votes
1 day ago

Do you want year-round lights at the botanic gardens?

Georgia Reporter from Stuff

Hi Christchurch,

What did you think of your city's Botanic D'Lights festival? About 136,000 people visited the event over five nights last week. And now your city's gardens are set to be lit up all year round, thanks to a new light installation. However some ratepayers have questioned the $900,000 cost to keep the Armstrong Lawn area adjacent to Rolleston Ave, lit.

So let's hear your thoughts. Are you happy for your rates to go towards the lighting display? Or do you think the money should be best spent elsewhere? Let us know in the replies!
(Please add "NFP/not for print" if you do not want your images/comments used on Stuff).

5 hours ago

Curtain Hanging

Jon from Redwood

Hi all,

I have x5 windows that I have purchased new readymade curtains with black/out lining from Millers but unfortunately there installers are booked up at the moment.

Is anyone interested in hanging, previous experience with gathering needed etc..

I'm happy to pay reasonable hourly rate.

Located in Main North Road Redwood.

Please make contact at your earliest opportunity if interested.

Thank you Jon.