319 days ago

Feel Good Friday is back from holiday!

Northgate Community Service Trust

Feel Good Friday is back tomorrow! Come along for yummy morning tea from the cafe, get involved with Seniors exercise or the computer tuition. Camille will be here doing $5 haircuts (just like the end of each month), and the Men's group will also be on. Mainly Music does not start until the school term.

We look forward to seeing you!

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3 hours ago

What do you think should be done with the former Lancaster Park site?

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Two Christchurch sports clubs have set their sights on using Lancaster Park if the city council decides to retain the land for sports use.

The demolition of the earthquake-damaged Lancaster Park will be completed during 2019 and the Christchurch City Council will decide on Thursday whether to redevelop it for sporting purposes.

The council says several sports clubs are interested in the park, and Cashmere Technical Football Club and Lancaster Park Cricket Club have made formal requests to use the land.


11 days ago

Boy racers given the green light

Anna Williams Reporter from The Press

Christchurch authorities have come up with a plan to stop boy racers revving engines and racing off the line: Don't let them hit red lights.

Council will trial phasing the traffic lights on Bealey Ave so traffic gets a clear run down the length of the street, to reduce noise from things like stopping and accelerating, revving and burn-outs.

Do you think this will stop boy racers from revving loudly? Tell us in the comments below (please write NFP if you don't want your comments published).


6 days ago

stolen mgp scooter from bishopdale elephant park

Sarah from Bishopdale

sunday thats just been my brother and his friend went to the elephant park in bishopdale, they put there scooters down & went for a short play, some kid came along and stole one of the scooters it was black, mgp branded and had a silver mgp logo sticker above the front wheel.. if anyones child came home with this could u please return it.. i have a very upset 4 year old girl here who is my daughter and i had only just brought her that for her birthday in October thats just been.. i cant aford to buy her another one im a single mum to not 1 child but 2 children now as my brother has recently came into my custody who i currently recieved no financial support for as of yet im stressed enough with Christmas for 2 kids running on next to nothing.. please if your child came home with this scooter could it please be returned, im heart broken for my daughter. i can not afford to replace the scooter.. it wasnt cheap and it took me some time to save up for that.. i hate seeing my daughter down.. please can this scooter be returned. :'(