385 days ago

Cheap Haircuts in the coming weeks!

Northgate Community Service Trust

Camille, the lovely hairdresser who comes to do cheap $5 haircuts at Feel Good Friday is coming not only this Friday 24th Nov, but also on Friday 8th December as well!

She will be here from 9:15am on both Fridays, however on the 8th Dec her last available time to do haircuts will be at 11:30am as she needs to be gone by 12pm. So get in quick! Camille is never not busy and $5 is an excellent price for a hair cut.

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1 day ago

Summer Solstice

John from Bryndwr

Summer Solstice is on Saturday, 22 December.
Will there be any Pagans in any of the neighbourhoods celebrating this important event?

6 hours ago

CV, Letter of Application, Interview

Manisha from Burnside

Hey There

If you need help with your CV, letter of application or preparation for an interview...feel free to contact me for any assistance....it's free..yes it's free...I've recently gone through a whole load of interviews etc, and I have been offered the job straight away....so I do feel confident enough I can help you be confident :).
Feel free to contact me on my mobile 021 222 8688.


PS I hardly check messages on Neighbourly, so if you don't get a reply please text or call me.

13 days ago

Boy racers given the green light

Anna Williams Reporter from The Press

Christchurch authorities have come up with a plan to stop boy racers revving engines and racing off the line: Don't let them hit red lights.

Council will trial phasing the traffic lights on Bealey Ave so traffic gets a clear run down the length of the street, to reduce noise from things like stopping and accelerating, revving and burn-outs.

Do you think this will stop boy racers from revving loudly? Tell us in the comments below (please write NFP if you don't want your comments published).