333 days ago

Garage Sale Fundraiser for One-2-One!

Karen Watson from Northgate Community Service Trust

On Friday 3rd November, there will be a garage sale held at Northcity Church! All proceeds will be going towards the One-2-One charity, so come along to support the cause, buy something that takes your fancy, and grab some morning tea from our Feel Good Friday cafe.

The sale will be from 10am - 1pm, Fri 3rd Nov, and there will be a range of items available, including household items, books, toys, clothes, linen and more for very cheap prices. Save your coins and save the date!

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1 day ago

Kiwi kids are less fit and weigh more

Anna Williams Reporter from The Press

A study of 500 15-year-olds across two generations found Kiwi kids today are less fit and weigh between 8kg and 13kg more than their parents did.
What do you think is the cause of this - screen time, less exercise, poor diet, or something else?


4 days ago

Poll: What should the collective noun be for people from Christchurch?

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Australia has its Sydneysiders, Melburnians and Brisbanians, while New Zealand has Aucklanders, Wellingtonians and Dunedinites.

But where does that leave Christchurch?

There is no collective term for residents of the Garden City and although Cantabrian is commonly used, it could equally apply to people living in Waimate or Omarama – more than 200 kilometres away.

Read more: www.stuff.co.nz...

What should the collective noun be for people from Christchurch?
  • 29.5% Christchurchians
    29.5% Complete
  • 7.5% Christchurchites
    7.5% Complete
  • 36.6% Christchurchers
    36.6% Complete
  • 6.2% Christies
    6.2% Complete
  • 20.3% Something else (share your idea in the comments)
    20.3% Complete
227 votes
5 days ago

'Let it go', global thinker tells Christchurch

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Christchurch needs to "let go" of the quakes and give visitors something to do after 6pm, says Christchurch's first 'thinker in residence'.

Do you agree? (Click the link below for the full interview).