238 days ago

Garage Sale Fundraiser for One-2-One!

Karen Watson from Northgate Community Service Trust

On Friday 3rd November, there will be a garage sale held at Northcity Church! All proceeds will be going towards the One-2-One charity, so come along to support the cause, buy something that takes your fancy, and grab some morning tea from our Feel Good Friday cafe.

The sale will be from 10am - 1pm, Fri 3rd Nov, and there will be a range of items available, including household items, books, toys, clothes, linen and more for very cheap prices. Save your coins and save the date!

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8 days ago

What did you think of the idea of having a flatwater lake in Christchurch's red zone?

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Conflict remains over the exclusion of a sports lake from the Christchurch river red zone, despite Regenerate Christchurch, which made the decision, releasing reports showing how the decision was made.

The East Lake Trust has set up an online petition for a lake to be included in the 602-hectare red zone. The trust hopes to talk to decision makers about the disputed points that factored into the lake's rejection.

Read more on this issue (including the reports from Regenerate Christchurch) by clicking on the link below and let us know what you think in the comments.

7 days ago

When the bully is the teacher....

Paul from Strowan

If you are a past pupil, (or the parent of a past pupil), and experienced bullying at school, by your form teacher, please contact us.

We have been battling the school for over a year now, and have recently requested, and received, the help of the Ombudsman.
The Ombudsman is independent of the school, and is the only body that has the authority to force the school to answer the questions that they refuse to answer.

It will come as no surprise to those that have been bullied in the past, that the School Principal and the Board of Trustees, refuse to admit that the bullying took place - presumably as it would hurt their precious reputation.

We are aware that many girls have been bullied by the same teacher, and we need your story, to help support ours. Current students are unwilling to stand up for fear of the impact on their school life. Which is entirely understandable. However, not speaking up allows the bullying to continue.

We are very keen to speak to one girl, that, in the words of a student in the same class, "was hammered" by this teacher for the entire year.
Knowing what we have been thru, it was terribly distressing to hear that this had happened.

If this is you, or you know of someone who was treated in this way, please get in contact with us.

You can remain anonymous if you prefer.

We just need you to outline your story. We are confident it will be similar to ours.

We are just a Mum and a Dad fighting for our child's welfare.
If you can help us please do so.



10 days ago

Strategist to Control water controversy

Max from Papanui

The truth about the poisoning of Christchurch's pure clean water has now to be further muddied by new Council appointments to ensure they can continue poisoning our water. Their new 'secret' unnamed department's purpose is to ensure the taste and smell disappears so we won't know what they are doing and stop complaining. The Council is now moving the goal posts as to just taste and smell. This will ensure they can make the health stats of cancer and dementia here the same as everyone else. So they will continue with chlorine and will be able to add fluoride and any other mass medications they can think of without it being detected or mentioned. They are going to deal with the issues as some sort control platform of public relations information so we will be swamped in make believe dishonest science as has already taken place. TIME FOR THE COUNCIL TO GET REAL, GET HONEST AND MAKE CHRISTCHURCH SAFE FROM THIS CORRUPTION.