38 days ago

Lyttleton Club - Dublin St, Lyttleton - Thanks so much for your great lunch service

Raewyn Bell from Northgate Community Services Trust

Last week our two exercise groups (30 men and women) did a trip to Lyttleton. Went to the Time Ball and after a "tour" went to the Lyttleton Club for a pre-arranged buffet style lunch. The food was fresh /delicious & there was plenty of it, and the atmosphere was great (friendly staff). $12.50pp. he view is superb. Watched the Time Ball descend at 1pm. Thank you to the Club staff for their warm welcome and the way they offered us a great lunch service. Thanks Trudi (Manager).

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1 day ago

Spark calls

Dorothy from Richmond

Is anyone else getting phone calls from Spark threatening to disconnect their landline and internet??
I am so sick of them, I hang up, tell them to stop calling etc. but I have had them twice a day sometimes.
I eventually started questioning them to see how silly they got and once they found out I only have an apple IPad and no laptop or PC they seemed to lose interest and I think they have stopped calling. Fingers crossed.

12 hours ago

Are you waiting for surgery? We'd love to chat

The Team Reporter from Sunday Star Times

Hi neighbours - we're looking to chat with people who have experienced the following:

-Have been waiting for surgery that the hospital keeps postponing.
-Have been told they can't get on the waiting list for surgery due to their debilitating condition not being "serious" enough.

If you're happy to chat and potentially be part of a story about this, please get in touch with Thomas through his email: thomas.coughlan@stuff.co.nz

12 hours ago

Where are the best property deals?

Angela Quigan Reporter from Stuff

Hey neighbours,

The region (and city) you choose to invest in can drastically impact your future returns.

That's why, once you decide to invest in NZ's property market, your next step is to question which region you should park your money in.

To read more about where the best property deals might be click here.