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Chris from Papanui

6 x 30mm, field 7.5 degrees, make dia.s630, good condition, apart from two of the lens cap are missing.
phone 0275493828 to view or buy.

Price: $45

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6 hours ago

Elusion Electrical Spring Countdown

Patrick Koot from Elusion Electrical Ltd

13 days until spring yahoo.

The team at Elusion are looking forward to longer days, warmer weather and more evening to walk the dogs. Spring is also a great time for a bit of home maintenance -checking gutters, roof tiles, and chimneys after all the winter rain and storms, getting the CRC out and getting rid of the squeaking door hinges that have bugged you for ages, checking smoke detectors and of course the great spring clean.

Elusion recommends you also check all electrical cords and appliances for signs of wear, tear or over heating. If in doubt throw it out , or get it professionally tested. You can never be too careful. We recently noticed heat marks up our wall from one of our panel heaters so it is currently unplugged waiting for a time when Patrick isn't too busy on other jobs for an upgrade.

If you are renting remember if you have any concerns you can request your landlord to organise an Electrical Safety Test. Happy countdown everyone

2 days ago

Poll: Christchurch mayoral race

Kamala Hayman Reporter from The Press

If the election was today, which Christchurch mayoral candidate would you vote for?

Christchurch mayoral race
  • 2.2% Blair Anderson
    2.2% Complete
  • 1.8% J T Anderson
    1.8% Complete
  • 31.1% Lianne Dalziel
    31.1% Complete
  • 0.9% Jim Glass
    0.9% Complete
  • 2.6% Tubby Hansen
    2.6% Complete
  • 1.3% Robin McCarthy
    1.3% Complete
  • 0.4% Stephen McPaike
    0.4% Complete
  • 15.4% John Minto
    15.4% Complete
  • 39.5% Darryll Park
    39.5% Complete
  • 0.4% Sam Park
    0.4% Complete
  • 1.3% Adrian Schonborn
    1.3% Complete
  • 2.2% Peter Wakeman
    2.2% Complete
  • 0.9% Aaron White
    0.9% Complete
228 votes
3 days ago

Half the Environment Canterbury council is standing again

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

It will be the first fully democratic Environment Canterbury (ECan) election for 12 years but only one councillor sacked by the National government in 2010 is keen to stand again.

Nominations for candidates for the seven regional constituencies closed on Friday yesterday at midday, with 39 received for the 14 positions at the council table.

Six of the 12 current councillors are standing again, but Rik Tindall is the only member of the regional council dismissed more than nine years ago willing to have another go.