36 days ago

Warning of Phone scam

Christine from Addington

Warning everyone of a phone scam with automated voice saying your Internet has been hacked and you will loose your internet soon if you do not press 1 for tech support. I hung up from there knowing this is not right and is a scam. so be warned hang up and do not press 1 .. It was on my private landline phone no. I rang my provider and they said yes we are aware of this scam circling Christchurch at present.

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15 hours ago

Christchurch Water chlorination

Kay from Papanui

When will Papanui/ Bishopdale be free from chlorine in our water does anyone know? Eczema suffers will rejoice!
I have a Puretec filter on the shower but in December it’s time to renew the cartridge for $90 😱

12 hours ago

Riddle me this!

NumberWorks'nWords Burnside

What kinds of dogs and how many of each kind does Troy have? Leave your answer in the comments below!

17 hours ago

Beware...some adorable ghosts may be haunting your streets.

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Halloween can be a fun way to connect with your community. But naturally not all homes in New Zealand will get involved.
If your house is open to trick or treaters this weekend, or if you know of some popular, local streets for trick or treating, please share these below.