51 days ago


Sharon from Addington

Purchase freeview box. What do I need to purchase please? I need a freeview box with an in built recorder where I can record quite a few programmes even maybe 2 at once? Not just a receiver? And if I purchase a freeview receiver only would I need a hard drive to record. I am a little technically challenged. Advice please, thank you in advance. Sharon.

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3 days ago

Found a baby bird - probably injured

Garet from St Albans

Found this baby bird on the way home on Caledonian wanted to save it.
Not sure what to feed it.

Called SPCA and left me on hold not sure what else to do.

21 hours ago

Obsessed with food

Oa from Overeaters Anonymous

Eating for comfort
We can help

Why not contact us on 03 365 3812
or visit us at


1 day ago

Pioneering retirement living

Margaret Stoddart Retirement Village

We’re pioneering a new way of living for a new retirement generation.
More than 12,000 pioneers call Ryman retirement villages home. We always have, and always will, challenge the status quo and adapt to better serve our residents. Because there’s a new generation of Kiwis who are not retiring from life, they’re looking for a new way to live.