36 days ago

My Resene Upcycling Award entry

Christine from Addington

I repurposed a large 6ft art piece I painted, it was not selling, "the first image" so i decided to up-cycle it to a new art piece all made from recycling materials and Resene landfill paint plus new Resene Gold Metallic paint which was "Gold Dust Solid Gold" and "Duck Egg Blue" Paint. The white background was a landfill paint I got which was "Zylone Sheen Waterborne Low Sheen White"The flowers are made from melting down plastic bags and shredding them down to a powder, also shredding down cardboard boxes that are also laden with plastic mixed into the cardboard boxes, then placing them in a large barrel, adding in PVA glue, Cornflour, landfill paint and some water, mix thoroughly, then spread out on large glass sheets until nearly dry, then cut and shape, I cut and shaped them into flower petals and glued onto the canvas. I also spread the mixture on the whole canvas to create a textured background and let dry. I then painted it and produced an art piece that seems to have people when they come over saying WOW amazing.

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3 days ago

Tech info

Sharon from Addington

Hi I want to know how to transfer/take off recorded programmes from a freeview box before it is disgarded/out of date. Can that be done? My TV has got a usb port if that helps? Thanks Sharon 0277679258.

1 day ago

Poll: Are you a fan of Christchurch's newest public art, a diving board with no water?

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Good afternoon neighbours,

A concrete diving board has been plucked from a modernist haven in northern India and stranded on the banks of the Avon River in central Christchurch.

The new permanent artwork, The Pool by Kiwi artist Natalie Guy, was installed opposite the Antigua Boatsheds on Friday.

What do you think of this new central city artwork?

Are you a fan of Christchurch's newest public art, a diving board with no water?
  • 6.7% Yes
    6.7% Complete
  • 84% No
    84% Complete
  • 9.3% I'm undecided
    9.3% Complete
75 votes
19 hours ago

Malicious email impersonating NZ Post circulating

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

New Zealand Post have published a warning to customers after several variations of a scam email were reported over the past 24 hours.

The email asks to correct personal details because of a failed parcel delivery.

The email directs the recipient to 'schedule a new delivery'. If any individual has received these emails, NZ Post has advised to delete it immediately.

In a statement sent to Neighbourly, NZ Post confirmed that it had taken 24 websites offline in relation to the scam.

For more information on the scam, please see the NZ Post's Cyber Security Alerts page.