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9 days ago

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4 days ago

Dog Agility. Come and watch our show 8th March.

Sandra McHugh from Canterbury Canine Agility Training Society

If you are interested in joining us in our sport and are not yet sure what it is all about then you are invited to come and watch our next show.
When: Sunday 8th March
Where: Mairehau High School backfield

Entrance off Innes Road. Please drive slowly; follow the tennis court (on your right) out to the field

Time: 9-2pm

All dogs not competing must be on the lead (yes you need to train first to compete).

Our next new Beginners Class starts Wednesday next term. You must register online to join our new class.

Check our website for further information

Canterbury Canine Agility Training

3 days ago

Satelites Galore

Les from North New Brighton

For those that maybe interested in what happens above their heads there will be (according to Heavens Above website ) two main drifts of Starlink satelites tonight. One shortly after sunset starting about 8.57pm. reaching 25-30 deg. above horizon in the N.E. (nearly 20 of them) but there will still be a lot of brightness in the sky due to the set sun. Another group (about 40) just after 10.00pm rising in the W.N.W ascending to about 80 the S.W. (nearly over head) and disappearing S. The whole forty of them will take about 10. min from start to finish. This of course is subject to a clear sky. Good spotting everyone.