35 days ago

Man in Papanui High school

Kate from Burnside

Hi all, Yesterday morning my toddler and I were walking between Pack and save northlands towards the northlands library - where the school is. In the bush there was a man with pants down, looking out at road towards us and ... ! I have rung police and I will be informing the school tomorrow, he was inside the school - papanui high. Just wanted to let people know and stay safe ! I unfortunately was slow to react as I had my wee toddler with me and didnโ€™t want to scare him anymore. The man was approx late teens to early 20โ€™s, stocky and dark skinned. Please be careful thanks kate

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2 days ago

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11 hours ago

Love your kitchen again!

John Harris from Aspiring Kitchens & More

Hello neighbours!
Now, some of you have been living with a kitchen that has not exactly been the love of your life!
Maybe the doors are hanging off, the drawers have collapsed or perhaps it's just blue! Or green!
Well, we can help.
Our amazing Kitchen Refresh enables you to keep the cabinets (you can change some if you want to), but we will replace the doors, drawer-faces & decor panels, giving you a brand-new kitchen look.
And you:
1) Save disruption - we keep the kitchen functional throughout
2) Saves time - usually it only takes two to three days
3) Saves money - why change cabinets for ones that are exactly the same? It's the doors you see!
4) Add value to you home - the kitchen (and bathroom) are the most important selling points of the house! (We renovate bathrooms too!)
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