67 days ago

Spring is here

Aneta from SkinEffect Beauty Therapist Aneta

Gel Polish Manicure ๐Ÿ’…
Nails are filed, cuticles done, nails buffed and then polish is applied in your choice of over 45 colours. Then finished with cuticle oil and hand cream and hands massage. Hope to see you soon. 0221613366 Beauty Therapist Aneta

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2 minutes ago

Feedback Friday

NumberWorks'nWords Burnside

Feedback from our parents and grandparents is so appreciated.

3 days ago

Scam alert

Mary from Islington

Hi, i have just has a phone call from a guy saying hes from Vodafone, saying I have fluctuations on my broadband. Also asking if I was the bill payer. I dont have vodafone broadband so this alerted me straight away. . Please dont tell him you are the bill payer as this is a Scam. Hang up on him. If they take a few seconds to answer their phone when they ring you know its a scam. Be aware

1 day ago

Looking for a drum teacher home for my son of 10 years old

Zhou Cai from Burnside

Hi!!!! We live by Burnside Park, have drum kit home. He is a beginner only. Any one or recommendation will be appreciated!!