37 days ago

Lost Male Tabby Cat

Talei from Phillipstown

Hi all,

My black and grey tabby has gone missing from Bordesley street since the 19th, hes a big boy and long, quite friendly and answers to Loki, he has brown on his underbelly as in the picture.
Hes not fixed nor chipped and not wearing a collar.

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2 days ago

Tell us your Canterbury favourites

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

As part of a summer series, we are planning on running some top 10 lists for the best foods/places/activities in Christchurch/Canterbury.

Examples could be best summer foods in the region (ice cream, fruit etc), best wineries to visit, activities to try (adventure park, swim spots etc) or anything else that you enjoy to do in our backyard.

Please leave submissions of your favourite summer foods/places/activities and where to find them below in the comments, or by emailing reporters@press.co.nz

5 hours ago


John from Bromley

This morning I replied to a message from Pim Zeggerman, who consequently replied - but in the interim the message has been blocked, removed, censored or whatever it is they do. Somehow it feels so .... un-right; I imagine people living in dictatorships must also have similar feelings. Its almost like a right of free thought or expression has been amputated - without anesthetic.
By the way, Pim was arguing against what he called 'forced segregation' and I was putting the point of view of how democracy works - but it seems neither of us apparently the right to use Neighbourly to discuss this. Do you agree?

1 day ago

Have your say on your local.

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Has the pandemic made you shop more locally? Do you feel like you can rely on your community?

Let us know in our State of the Neighbourhood survey and you could win 1 of 10 $100 Prezzy cards.
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