133 days ago

Belfast hedge hacker at it again

Kate from Belfast

Saw about 5 hedges down the Main North Road yesterday completely hacked into, with the foliage all over the pavement.
Corner of Belfast Road looks the worst. Feel sorry for those who take pride in maintaining their front gardens just for someone to come along and completely ruin it!

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1 day ago

Wanted orbington 🐓 rooster

Sharlene from Kainga - Brooklands

Our beautiful boy died,and our hens miss him .good home

6 days ago

Poll: What should the city council do about Christchurch's new stadium budget blow-out?

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

From reporter Steven Walton:
Christchurch’s 30,000-seat stadium, Te Kaha, has blown its budget by at least another $50 million, Stuff understands.

City councillors will soon have to decide whether they either increase the $533m budget once again, head back to the drawing board or pause the project.

Council staff are refusing to comment on the spiralling costs, saying more information will be available in the coming weeks.

But the council has advised the Treasury of issues with the budget, a spokesperson for the Government department said. Read more here.

What should the city council do about Christchurch's new stadium budget blow-out?
  • 71.4% Increase the budget and get it finished
    71.4% Complete
  • 5.5% Pause the project, wait and see
    5.5% Complete
  • 19.2% Head back to the drawing board
    19.2% Complete
  • 3.9% I'm not sure/something else (share your thoughts in the comments below)
    3.9% Complete
562 votes
5 hours ago

northern community market

Stephanie from Redwood

We are still in the merry month of may
*Free sites for stallholders (please email us to secure your spot)
*Every purchase made at any stall will go into a draw for a petrol voucher!

So why not down down and see us this saturday, see you there 🙂