78 days ago

fire works

Mary from Woolston

I feel it is time to ban the sale of fire works in NZ.
They cause so much heart ace and pain for pet owners ,  scare pets,  destroy homes put peoples lives in danger.

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28 minutes ago

Positiv Tolls Tolich Toggle Dominika

Reece from Woolston

Hi Everybody, I am seeking shareholders and supporters for a local Christchurch television and film company: Positiv Tolls Tolich Toggle Dominika.
Go to the website: www.tolich... is you think it is your type of thing.
It is the longest name name for a film company ever created!?!
Send an email to admin@tolich-toggle.com if you are interested .

2 hours ago


NumberWorks'nWords Cashmere

What goals do you have for 2020?

4 hours ago

Are you a fan of fast fashion?

Kelly Dennett Reporter from Sunday Star Times

Many of us grew up flocking to Glassons, Hallenstein's, Cotton On and Just Jeans for our hardy perennials - jeans, t-shirts, summer dresses - and some of us still do.

But we're increasingly becoming aware that buying a $20 t-shirt that won't last the distance isn't that great for the environment.

While some of us are pledging to only buy second hand or to invest in statement pieces - more expensive items that will last a long time- not all of us have that luxury.

We're wanting to speak to someone who isn't giving up their fast fashion any time soon, whether it's for economic or style reasons, personal choice or indifference to the environment. Maybe you're a student who likes the choice chain store fashion brings, or perhaps you're a parent whose children are growing too fast to risk splashing out on expensive clothing.

If this sounds like you, please email kelly.dennett@stuff.co.nz.