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Specials this week at Opawa vege shop (Shop1-124 Opawa RD) - Thank you for viewing

Yue from Opawa Fruit & Vegetable Shop

NZ Oranges $2.50/kg
1.5kg nz oranges $1.99/bag
Coconut $1.99ea
5pk Avocados $3.69/bag
Medium Size Avocados $0.99/EA
Loose NZ Mandarins $4.99/kg
1.5kg nz Apples(red or green) $1.99/bag
1kg NZ Lemons $2.99/bag
Bagged NZ Lemons $1.99/bag
NZ Braeburn/ NZ Rose/NZ Champion Apple/Envy Apples $2.99/kg
NZ Large Gold Kiwifruits $4.99/kg

Loose NZ Tomatoes $7.99/kg
broccoli $1.29/ea
Red/yellow Capsicums $1.99ea
celery $2.99/bunch
Fancy Lettuce $2.99/bunch
Cabbage $2.99ea
eggplant $2.99ea
500g Brussel sprout$1.50/bag
1kg table carrots $1.50/bag or $1.89/kg
1.5kg onion $1.99/bag
kumara red/orange/purple jumbo $3.99/kg
450gm Chinese garlics $2.50/bag
spinach $2.99/pk
250g green beans $2.99/bag
bagged yams $2.99/bag


5kg Desiree potatoes $3.99/bag

2L Caw&Gate milk $2.99/Bottle
Dole Canned fruit 410gm (fruit Salads / peach/pear) $0.99ea

Thank you

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Making a tough time easier

Simplicity Funerals

Simplicity Funerals Christchurch believe that things should be as simple as possible for you at what can be a difficult time. Traditional or contemporary… a funeral should be meaningful, respectful, and also affordable.

We can cater to all price ranges and offer individual pricing plans to suit everyone. We offer a full range of funeral services, from large gatherings in your local to church to intimate and private farewells. No matter your budget, the level of care, compassion and professionalism we offer is never compromised.

Call us any time on (03) 379 0196 or visit our website for more information.
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Hey Christchurch - want an extra $2500 a year?


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1 day ago

Clean up metal shingle

Candice from Hoon Hay

Hey guys does anyone know who I would be able to call to clean up a large spill of metal shingle/gravel that has been accidentally dumped on tankerville road?

Thanks in advance 😁