48 days ago

Message Removal

Les from North New Brighton

Have been informed by Neighbourly that one of my messages has been removed and am reminded to show respect for my fellow neighbourly members and ensure comments are helpful and constructive. BUT neighbourly have not told me which comment was removed and how it was disrespectful and unconstructive. I am at loggerheads to now who I have been disrespectfull of and nonconstructive too. As far as I am aware I have done neither. I think I try very hard to be respectfull and constructive in all my comments and am always openminded to other peoples comments. If I have trod on anyones toes I apologize unreservedly. Have a great night my Neighbouly friends

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2 hours ago


Dianne from Burwood

Hi Does anyone know where I can go to get some kind of protective cover around the doorhandles of my car to stop me scratching the paint with my keys or jewellery. Thanks

6 hours ago


Les from North New Brighton

Have just seen STUFF,s story on new WATERLESS DIVING board "ART WORK" opp. Antiqua Boat Sheds. What a "JOKE". What an "EYESORE" But what a TOTAL WASTE of TAXPAYERS and RATEPAYERS money. Shame on you C.C.C. { Please someone add a picture. I do not know how}

7 days ago

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