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This 20 minute appointment could save your life

Katrina from Health Screening New Zealand

Cardiovascular disease and stroke is the number 1 cause of death in NZ with 1 in 20 adults diagnosed. However, cardiovascular disease is predominantly a ‘lifestyle disease’. Recent data from the World Health Organisation has shown that approximately 75% of premature cardiovascular disease is preventable and that is why Health Screening NZ wants to help YOU.

After your Pulse Wave Analysis test, our friendly screener will explain your results and assess your potential risk of cardiovascular disease as well as showing you how to use Cardiaction to improve your heart and artery health—all with personalised recommendations. If your results are serious Health Screening NZ will refer you to your GP or a cardiologist and you will be able to share your PWA results with them.

The entire appointment runs for 30 minutes and costs $59.

Clinics are running next week;
Tuesday at Unichem Brighton Village Pharmacy
Wednesday at Healthworks Pharmacy Ilam
Thursday at Unichem Rolleston Central Pharmacy

Book online at www.healthscreeningnz.com... now
Alternatively bookings may be made in store.

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Leaving Neighbourly

Raewyn Neighbourly Lead from New Brighton

So I've decided to leave Neighbourly - been a Lead since the very beginning and I've just had enough of what they want us to do and what we are not allowed to do.

I've written a letter, wait for a reply and then will leave. It's just not the same anymore. You can't do anything, you can't say anything and I feel for you all who are still. here.

I've basically been the only Lead here for New Brighton. Some have come and gone but never done anything. I've done all the events. Well I've given up now.

All the best to you all - take care and see you on the outside!

One less business on here because I can't post anything - even though have 4 girls to feed, a husband and an almost son-in-law.

So if you ever need any photography - won't say my name because it will be deleted but it is under my name lol hahaha

Take care all
Departing Lead for New Brighton

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We Say/You Say: Anzac Day

Thomas Campbell Reporter from Northern Outlook

Hi Canterbury,

How are you commemorating Anzac Day? What stories have been passed down through your whānau?

April 25 marks the 106-year anniversary of the Gallipoli landings, one of the most costly campaigns for the Allied Forces during World War I.

Anzac dawn and commemorative services up and down the country are scheduled to get underway after widespread cancellations last year, due to the nation being under Alert Level 4 restrictions.

The NZDF have advised of a reduced presence of military personnel at Anzac services due to deployment at MIQ facilities.

You can check out where the Anzac day services are on this interactive map on the RSA website.

Feel free and share your stories below and don't forget to type NFP if you don't want your comments used in the Northern Outlook.