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Flu tracking - Covid 19 - can you help ?

The Team from Citizens Advice Christchurch Area

FluTracking, is a surveillance system that harnesses the power of the internet and community spirit for monitoring influenza. By taking part, you’ll not only be contributing to scientific research, but you will also be helping to track influenza in your local community and nation-wide. Over the 15 years the survey has been running in Australia, and now 3 years in New Zealand, we have grown to over 140,000 participants per week who have collectively completed over 12.8 million surveys!

A simple online survey that takes less than 15 seconds each week during flu season can tell us so much.

The main aims of FluTracking are to develop a system that can provide:

-Community level influenza-like illness surveillance
-Consistent surveillance of influenza activity across all jurisdictions and over time; and
-Year-to-year comparison of the timing, attack rates, and seriousness of influenza in the community.
Check out the link for more details

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Quick reminder

Matthew from Christchurch Central

Quick reminder we have extended our customer print pickup hours from 9am to 5pm Mon - Friday

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Sarah from Waltham

I'm on the lookout for a female kitten.
I know kitten season has basically finished, but just in case there are any out there.
I have a 6month kitten and a 4 year old cat who would love another sister to join our family.
We have all the toys, adventures and love needed, waiting for our new family member.
If not already desexed we will do it as soon as she is of age/size. She will be regularly vaccinated and wormed, just like her cat siblings to be are.
I am looking at rescues also as our current fur family are from rescues.