49 days ago

Please consider signing this Petition to make it mandatory for N.Z. Police Officers to wear body camera's when on duty

Lianne from Glenview


Quoting from the abovementioned link; "The purpose of the petition "is to provide evidence for both the public and police to prove that both parties are acting in good faith with each other, and also to be used as evidence for any complaints filed against the Police as there otherwise may be no evidence to be provided. I feel that body cameras will provide sufficient evidence with both video and audio recording, and will also allow easier supervision of police and prove no over-stepping of powers."

Remember what has happened recently overseas and in N.Z. where Police body cameras have captured evidence of misconduct, brutality and even death.

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4 hours ago

Anyone else experience this?

Lianne from Glenview

This morning I found a fairly thick film of very fine powdery, yellowish coloured, "dust" over our cars. I have never seen anything like this and am wondering if anyone else has experienced this today or previously, and if this is the case hopefully they can shed some light on the cause of this peculiar incident. I've taken a whole lot of photos of different areas that are covered in the "dust". If anyone is interested I can arrange to put a few up here to look at.

6 hours ago

Are granny flats a good retirement option?

Mikaela Wilkes Reporter from Homed

Hi everyone, I'm Mikaela, a Stuff Homed reporter. We're doing a story on what granny flats are like as a housing option in retirement. For those of you that are either living in a granny flat, or are the family who built/bought a granny flat to add to your property for an elder family member, we'd like to hear about why a granny flat was right for you. What was the process of getting one and learning to live together like? If you're happy to share your story and be featured in the article, please email mikaela.wilkes@stuff.co.nz or let us know in the comments below, your message may be used in our story.

14 hours ago

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