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Lianne from Glenview

Mere hours after Lime scooters launched in Hamilton (on Friday, 23rd August 2019) I was alerted to how dangerous these vehicles are when seeing two young men zooming along a Victoria Street footpath, rounding a corner and then disappearing from sight. I was honestly stunned at how fast and recklessly they were able to drive their respective scooters ... and which is what caught my attention in the first instance. The next day I saw a photo of the same two scooter drivers in the Waikato Times. They were both - in my opinion - under the age of 18 but in the same article it was stated that you have to be 18 to drive one of these vehicles.

Notwithstanding that scooters have been strategically positioned near schools in Hamilton, yesterday and today I have seen numerous other scooter drivers who were students wearing school uniform ... all of them patently obviously well under the age of 18. I even watched in horror as TWO young girl students travelling on ONE Lime scooter came whizzing down the footpath on the left hand side of where I was parked near the main entrance to HBHS at around 11.30 a.m. this today. The scooter driver struggled to bring the vehicle to a stop at the point where the footpath ended and merged with the roadway, almost throwing her passenger and herself into harm's way (with oncoming traffic potentially turning into the school entranceway). It is now only a matter of time before we have our first - serious - casualty, who it will not surprise me to hear will be under the age of 18.

And Mayor King assured Hamilton citizens and residents that scooter drivers had to be 18 years of age. Yeah right as it is said in the classics.

The truth is Hamilton City Council allowed these menace vehicles to be used on our roads and footpaths with no rules in place. No control over the ages of the scooter renters either. Against this background I applaud HBHS for sending out the following copy e-mail this afternoon, and I hope others will follow suit;

"Please be aware of the following:

Lime Scooters are not allowed on school grounds at any time and must be parked safely outside school property when not in use.

Only students age 18+ are allowed to use Lime scooters, in accordance with their user agreement.

Any student using a Lime scooter for their commute must obey the road rules, and are strongly encouraged to wear their helmets.

A student caught publicly misusing a lime scooter will be subject to the school's disciplinary procedures."

With tears in my eyes for the parents who are going to get that horrendous call no parent should ever get ... note that few students under the age of 18 will abide by "their user agreement" and it is up to us as caregivers and parents and grandparents to educate those who are being enticed to rent and ride these dangerous vehicles which do not even require a helmet to be worn!

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WIN tickets to Mini Golf!

Peter Hulsdouw from Lugton's Real Estate - Cambridge

Be in to WIN a family pass to Cambridge Mini Golf!

I have 4 tickets to give away to this great local activity.
Head to my facebook page to enter the competition!


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Taoist Tai Chi Six Week Introductory Class

Kathy from Te Awamutu

Come along and start your Tai Chi journey - October 26th Saturday mornings from 9-10.30 am. A moving meditation, reduces effects of negative stress, improves flexibility, strength and balance. Suitable for everyone. Methodist Church Hall Bank St., Te Awamutu. Contact Terry after 4 pm on 022 672 1344

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Working Bee Cambridge Community Garden

Alison from Cambridge

Our next BIG WORKING BEE is on Saturday 26th October 10am to 1pm Morning tea will be provided.
We need to plant another patch of potatoes, more sweet corn, beans and peas.
One potato crop needs mounding up with compost.

All the fruit trees need weeding and mulching and covers erected.

The raspberry canes need netting.

The more hands on deck the faster this work will be done. Bring the whole family and have a great day out.

Alison Hucke