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ReTweet: an eggcellent bird-themed exhibition

Darren Petry from Taupo District Council

Following Re-Cycle 2017, the award-winning Dog Show exhibition in 2018 and last year’s CATalogue exhibitions, Taupō Museum is excited to present its next instalment – ReTweet – a bird-themed exhibition running from November 7 to December 14.

Like birds of a feather, this exhibition also features artworks, sculptures and accessories made from recycled or re-purposed materials.

Exhibitions officer Kerence Stephen said many of the same artists who created works for Re-Cycle, the Dog Show and CATalogue exhibitions have taken on the bird challenge, making the recycled theme exhibitions a popular and highly anticipated annual project for creative people, professional artists, crafts people and children alike.

“These exhibitions inevitably attract a diverse collection of artwork because the artists enjoy the theme of recycling and, in this case, birds,” she said. “So artists can create whatever takes their fancy, as long as it has a feathery theme.”

If you flock to the museum during this exhibition, you can expect to see birds created from all sorts of recycled materials from cutlery, bike parts, bread tags, beach glass and even some taxidermied creations.

The exhibition is being held in the main gallery from November 7 to December 14. Entry is free for children and residents with proof of address and the museum is open 10am-4.30pm daily.

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Anyone can be Nymbl

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Favourite foodie finds

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Hi everyone,
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