23 days ago

First Time Parents and Babies programme assistants needed

Jan from Pukekohe

Our Space programme has 22 first time parents and their babies wanting to join a support group and we would like to begin in the next couple of weeks. We know there will be more and would really like to be able to support them. Being for first time parents they only have one chance to attend these programmes. These parents want to be the best parents that they can be and we would like to assist them. Not only does the programme support their first baby but also any future children. We have trained facilitators to lead the groups but they need a support person with them. Ideally we do not like to have more than 15 new parents and babies in a group as this enables each person to receive the support and encouragement that they need. It is great for each of them to be able to share any issues for them and to know that they need. Both the facilitators and attendees really enjoy the sessions and get a lot out of it both the giver and the recipient. Main criteria to be involved is to like people and to want to be able to support others resulting in a stronger community.

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1 day ago

Should Auckland Council execs get ATHOP cards instead of carparks?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Auckland Council is looking to reduce the number of ratepayer funded carparks enjoyed by senior managers. It's down from 77 to 49. Is the council right to consider offering ATHOP cards instead? Read the story below:

2 hours ago

Lace up for summer fun

The Team from Resene ColorShop Pukekohe

Who wouldn’t want to show up to play in flash shoes like these? Customise a fresh pair of footwear or fancy up some old favourites – while covering up scuff marks – with nothing more than a few Resene testpots, artist’s brushes and a bit of good quality masking tape.

If your kids are little, you can help mask off any of the harder parts – such as around the soles – that you want to keep paint off of and remove laces, if there are any. You can even use this idea to makeover adult shoes that never get worn because the colour doesn’t go with anything.

Make the most of this weekend with this easy step by step project idea from Resene.

Find out how to makeover your shoes

9 hours ago

Give us your feedback on our proposed Annual Budget 2020/21

The Team from Auckland Council

Have your say on our proposed Annual Budget 2020/2021 and Council-Controlled Organisations Review.

You can also give your feedback for the Independent Panel about Auckland Transport, Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development, Panuku Development Auckland, Regional Facilities Auckland, and Watercare.

Visit akhaveyoursay.nz to find out more and tell us what you think.
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